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Both polki and kundan sets are best suited for the regal bride who wants to shine on her wedding day. Rich in heritage and tradition, these brands would make any bride feel like a princess. Preity Zinta as the Mughal Empress, Jodha Bai, dressed in a royal red lehenga choli and delicate kundan and polki jewellery. The traditional borla drop matha patti and necklace were particular standouts. Speak of diamonds and this will certainly get any bride-to-be’s heart racing. Today, more and more brides are experimenting with contemporary looks blended with traditional aesthetics and this is where diamonds come into play. Gemstones have always been a stand out for Indian brides, in particular for wedding reception or cocktail parties.

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The role has traditionally carried a lot of pressure and responsibilities—from abiding by cultural norms to meeting everybody’s expectations. If you’ve ever been close by the bride’s side at a wedding, you’ll be well aware it’s no walk in the park. Everything about her, from the way she looks to the tone of her voice, is always under close observation. Modern Indian brides, we celebrate your smarts, confidence and courage as you slay with a walk down the aisle. Here are all the ways in which you differ from those before you – take it as the confidence booster you need before your big day. Every state in our country has its own customs and tradition and hence, also has its unique way of celebrating a wedding. One of those weddings that happen to capture our interests a lot are North Indian weddings.

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First of all congratulations to you for taking that big plunge. What makes these urbane, well-traveled individuals, who have the option to marry for love, choose practical marriages? Brides should invest in a good skincare routine in the run up to their wedding as it’s important for the skin to look good so make-up can be applied flawlessly. Exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising is key for a ideal base, it gets rid of any dead skin cells on your face and it also makes the face radiant. On your wedding day it is extremely important to exfoliate your lips if you are opting for a bold lip colour or a liquid lipstick. Sabina Hannan is a hijabi make-up artist and fashion influencer with a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTube channel with more than 367,000 subscribers.

But some couples chose to swap their big fat weddings for small intimate affairs. Now, this might come as a surprise to you, but an estimated 90 per cent of marriages in India are arranged! A lot of these marriages are still fixed on the basis of the bride’s and the groom’s appearance in the photographs shared, religion and financial factors. The young Indian bride is now refusing to continue on this path, even refusing to agree to marriages without knowing their partner-to-be and that’s a big change.

However, every part of the country has a different style of draping the saree for the wedding ritual. Here is a look at some of the traditional ways in which the saree is draped across different parts of the country. This beautiful garment, which is usually constructed of deep crimson silk, is embroidered all over with gold thread. Although most wedding saris are silk, modern Indian brides sometimes choose other fabrics like satin, crepe, or Georgette. Gone are the days when Indian brides went for lehengas that weighed them down with their heavy embellishment. The modern-day bride prefers extra monotone looks with lighter fabrics, say consultants.

Wedding dress designers meticulously work to create outstanding wedding dresses for their clients. The couple had initially planned for two weddings — one in the US in September, followed by a second traditional Indian wedding in November, in Delhi.

Parents and friends also make special toasts, like at most other weddings. “Similar to American receptions,” says Sunita, “there also is the DJ, photographer, cinematographer, flowers, food, cake, favors, and guests, but all on a much grander scale. In another ritual, the priest takes the scarves the bride and groom are wearing and ties them together before walking them around the fire. They all are given a mix of flowers, rice, and herbs to offer to the holy fire, which is in the center of the mandap to complete the prayers. The bride’s parents and family, including uncles and aunts, all welcome the groom and his entire family.

So all the to be brides get ready for your engagement with these fantastic hairstyles and impress your fiance and guests. Your can get tat floral crown right up to make it look perfect. Be confident and have a belief that you look the best in your makeup and hair. With these tips and tricks, you are sure to be the center of attention on your most special day. Today the renowned and talented make-up artist tells us how to achieve the ‘dual knot hairstyle’. A great look for any classic bride who wants to break the traditional norm and go for a more softer hairstyle.

There was an electrical environment, a number of laughter, a number of leg ups and a couple of emotional moments. 59.261 indian bride stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. They had planned a wedding in September in the US – where the indian mail order brides bride’s brother and most of her friends live – and a second traditional Indian wedding in Delhi in November. But, Ms Rishi’s outfit was highly unusual for India – where brides usually dress up in silk saris or elaborate lehengas (long skirt-blouse-scarf combos).